Samsung Galaxy S III Upgrade

By Jonathan Meersman|September 10, 2012|Android, Mobile|0 comments

I have completed my upgrade from the Motorola Electrify to the Samsung Galaxy S III and wow, what a difference! This is my third Android-powered SmartPhone (first was HTC Desire).

The battery life seems great. It is now 4:30pm. I’ve had the phone off the charger since about 6:30am and I’m still at around 60% – that’s wife light usage in my office. I still seem to make it through an entire weekend day with heavier usage.

Mauna Kea Sunset

Mauna Kea Sunset

I used the 8 megapixel camera to augment our Olympus digital SLR camera during a recent family vacation to Hawaii. The photos were fantastic. When combined, you can’t tell which photos came from which camera. The one pictured here is a sunset from the top of Mauna Kea – the world’s tallest mountain (taller than Mt. Everest because the base is at the bottom of the ocean floor). The shutter reacts pretty quick after pressing the button, as opposed to other SmartPhones that I’ve used. The is also a burst shot mode where the camera can capture 6 still photos per second.

After installing all of the Apps that I’ve previously used, taking a few hundred photos, and downloading a few hundred songs from my Google Play Music playlists, I still have over 11GB of storage available on my 16GB model.

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S III has been having some reception issues – dropped and missed calls. It seems as if those problems are related to how the phone goes from 4G LTE to 3G. US Cellular and Samsung have been working on a solution – I’m anxious to have that fixed. Also, while the screen is very vivid, it just doesn’t seem to get as bright as I’d like in sunlight without shading it.

by: Jonathan Meersman, USCC Customer Crew

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